Have you ever taken a second to think about the thousands of athletes that compete against each other providing us with endless viewing satisfaction that never make an Olympian podium? Well, all of these athletes are being constantly assessed, criticised and compared to the household names that we all know and love so much. The journey they undertake, the pain, the disappointment and the hope of beating their personal best has to be the main driver that helps them stay motivated.

The confidence they show in themselves is a reflection of someone that we all aspire to be like. Now imagine you have a disability and you can only begin to grasp a sliver of the challenges that face a Paralympian. How do they do it? The journey they complete to stand on the very same starting line as their Olympian colleagues can only leave you in awe at their achievements.

This journey starts again as soon as you and I turn off our TV sets and believe you me it can be a lonely one. Peter Ryan is one of those athletes who, having overcome adversity now faces the arduous tasks of competing around the world on the circuit so he can represent you and I by proudly wearing his national colours in Tokyo in 2020. Follow him and support him on his journey to Tokyo and be someone who makes a difference.


Irish National Road TT Championships

Irish athletes will be competing in the National Road Time Trial Championships.

  • June 28 2018
  • Collooney, Sligo, Ireland
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2018 Para-cycling Road World Cup Chronicle - Ostend

The Irish Para-cycling Team will be competing in the UCI 2018 Para-cycling Road World Cup chronicle to be held in in Ostend, Belgium.

  • May 3 2018
  • Ostend, Belgium
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2018 Para-Cycling Track World Championships

The Irish Para-Cycling Team will be competing in the UCI 2018 Para-cycling Track World Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  • March 22 2018
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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On Going From Hurler To Leading Paralympian

Peter Ryan recently spoke with Matt Cooper of Today FM about his journey from being a former Tipperary hurler to becoming a leading Paralympian. Listen to his full interview here.

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TAB Annual Conference

Going for Paralympic Gold An inspirational story from Peter Ryan, former Tipperary Hurler who became blind 7 years ago from a rare disease.

  • July 18 2017
  • Royal St. George Yacht Club, Harbour Road
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UCI 2017 Para-cycling Road World Championships

The Irish Para-cycling Team will be competing in the UCI 2017 Para-cycling Road World Championships in Pietermartizburg.

  • August 31 2017
  • Pietermartizburg, South Africa
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Entrepreneurs Academy Event Series

Living in my head A motivational talk from Peter to a selection of SME businesses around how to overcome adversity in the face of defeat.

  • October 29 2017
  • The Distillers Building, New Church Street, Smithfield Square, Dublin 8
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